The Inner Workout
Pocket Guide to your Hert– In her first book, readers can be inspired to embark on their own journey of self-discovery to feel more comfortable in their lives as Colleen shares how she came to develop The Inner Workout™ offering examples of how this emotional releasing technique can transform all aspects of our lives leading us to become more authentic and attractive from the inside…out.

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Pocket Guide to your Hert for Relationships - This book is a wonderful guide that can inspire us to become more conscious, connected and open in all of our relationships, both personal and professional. Colleen offers an in-depth look at the many types and issues within relationships and includes a variety of case studies of The Inner Workout™ in action which can help us become more aware of and move through the barriers we may have to love, open communication and intimacy. 

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New! The Bridge to Emotional FreedomThe Inner Workout™ – Colleen’s third book guides the reader to the peace that waits on the other side of emotional pain by using The Inner Workout™. Compelling stories of the transformative benefits of this life tool used in personal and professional situations complete with a detailed work book for additional support for the reader’s journey and the HOW TO get from A to BE.

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The Inner Workout™ Introduction (audio)-This audio program is complete with a detailed explanation of Colleen’s process including an example to follow so anyone can start shifting their life immediately creating happiness and peace from within.

The Inner Workout™ Live (audio)-Learn The Inner Workout™ in the comfort of your own home feeling like part of the audience as you listen to this previously recorded workshop held in Toronto, Canada. Colleen teaches her bridge work several times using a wide variety of situations that can create struggle in our lives and giving you the opportunity to practice along with her…practice makes perfect!

The Inner Workout™ - Feeling Good in your Relationships (audio)- In this previously recorded worldwide tele-seminar, Colleen discusses how we can shift any relationship, guiding us through The Inner Workout™ process step by step to release the barriers that keeps us from the connection to self-love and loving fully in our lives. (Download includes a workbook in PDF format)

101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 2 - As a contributing author, Colleen celebrates this project along with John Gray, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor, Alan Cohen and many other leading Self Improvement experts who have shared their gifts. This book is a collection of 101 inspirational ideas that can empower us to clear the barriers that keep us from living fully present in our lives. $14.95 USD
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